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F.X. Gigliotti - Hall of Fame Entry
  Author: Plastics Academy Staff
Added: 03/31/2004
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F.X. Gigliotti - Hall of Fame Entry


F.X. Gigliotti




Michael F.X. Gigliotti, a thirty-five year career with Monsanto’s plastic group (now Solutia) immersed Michael Gigliotti in a number of technical management positions, where he was involved in some of the industry’s key activities in market development and commercialization. Following his early retirement in 1977, he co-founded TopWave Instruments, a manufacturer of plastics container inspection and testing equipment, and established MGA, Inc., an international technical management consultancy.

Plastics Innovations:

  • Created and managed Monsanto’s Structural Plastics Engineering Group, which carried out pioneering prototyping and commercialization programs for plastics in automotive, pipe, construction, housing, and furniture applications, SPEG also spearheaded the plastics industry efforts, which modified restrictive building and appliance codes, enabling use of plastics products in those applications.
  • Craeted and managed the Monsanto House of the Future project in 1957, the world’s first all-plastics house, which was featured at the entrance to Disneyland’s Tomorrowland for 10 years.
  • Created and managed Monsanto’s LOPAC program(low-oxygen-permeation packaging), which accomplished, with Coca Cola, the introduction of the world’s first plastic carbonated beverage bottle in 1969.
  • His international consulting practice has been active in organizing conferences, trade missions, and/or tours for plastics industry associations in South Africa, Finland, Australia, China, Japan, Korea, and New Zealand. MGA served clients in more than 22 countries.
  • Gigliotti is well known for his volunteer efforts with the JETS (junior Engineering Technical Society), the high school for technical students, where he served as national president for six years; National Plastics Center & Museum, where he was a founding director; U. mass. Lowell, where he served on the Plastics Engineering Dept’s Advisory Board; the Plastics Institute of America, where he was a leader in the recent reinvigoration of the organization and its relocation to U. Mass. Lowell; and with many local community activities, including serving as the President of the Gloucester Rotary Club.

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