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Bernard W. Doyle - Hall of Fame Entry
  Author: Plastics Academy Staff
Added: 03/29/2004
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Bernard W. Doyle - Hall of Fame Entry


Bernard W. Doyle




Industry Areas:
Material, Management

An innovative pioneer. In 1901, founded the Viscoloid Company in Leominster, MA and began producing cellulose nitrate plastics into a wide range of proprietary products. Developed theories and practice of mass production and marketing of plastics materials, ideas that were heeded by the early pace-setters such as Monsanto/Fiberloid, DuPont, Celluloid and Bakelite Corporation, among others. One of the first visionaries to move a fledgling, small industry into large-volume operations.

Barney Doyle fabricated viscoloid cellulose nitrate plastics into combs, dresser sets, bracelets, and other ladies' fashion items, as well as toys and a variety of novelties, all of which are now prized by collectors.

In 1925, the Viscoloid plant became the "Doyle Works" of E.I. DuPont de Nemours. The plastics industry was thus "ready" for the 1934 introduction of commercial injection molding, which sharply accelerated the industry's dramatic expansion. (The original buildings, now occupied by Borden Chemical, Union Products, and MiLor Plastics, are near the site of the National Plastics Center and Museum in Leominster, MA.)

After retirement, Doyle served as Mayor of Leominster and continued his outstanding philanthropic activities, among them the Doyle Fund. Since 1928, the fund has been a loan source for college students in Leominster.

Barney Doyle's key contribution to the very early progress in manufacturing and marketing of plastics products adds to our priceless heritage.

He is survived by his daughters, Louise Doyle and Marjorie Doyle Rockwell.

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