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Denes B. Hunkar - Hall of Fame Entry
  Author: Plastics Academy Staff
Added: 06/24/2008
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Denes B. Hunkar - Hall of Fame Entry


Denes B.Hunkar 



Induction: 2005  

Industry Areas:

Known extensively in the plastics industry for his innovations in process control, particularly in blow molding and injection molding, Denes Hunkar started Hunkar Instrument Development Laboratories in Cincinnati in 1962. The company specialized in instrument technology for several industries, including prototypes for the heart monitor, the CAT scan, and the blood analyzer.

His first plastics invention was the first electronic parison programmer for extrusion blow molding developed in 1958.

In 1970 he changed the company name to Hunkar Laboratories, and began to concentrate on the growing need for process control in the plastics industry. His innovations include first closed loop process control for injection molding in 1970, the first methodology for internal surface cooling in blowmolding (1973), and the first microprocessor-based machine control (1978).

He continued to develop innovations in the process control field, including statistical process control and automated process management for plastics manufacturing.

Born in Keked, Hungary, Hunkar earned a dual masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering, and a PhD in Nuclear Engineering.

He was given SPE’s International Award for Engineering and Technology in 1991, SPE’s International Award for Business Management in 1992, and SPE’s Blow Molding Div. Distinguished Achievement and Man of the Year awards.

Hunkar died in 2004.

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