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Albert Spaak - Hall of Fame Entry
  Author: Plastics Academy Staff
Added: 03/31/2004
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Albert Spaak - Hall of Fame Entry


Albert Spaak




Albert Spaak from his plastics industry introduction as a draftsman/designer for an early manufacturer of injection molding machines to twenty years in processing and market development for polyethylene, Albert Spaak’s industrial career has been focused on sharing his knowledge with others and developing technical talent in those around him. A second career with the Plastics Institute of America was dedicated to developing and educating plastics personnel in an institutional setting.

Career highlights:

  • Helped in the development, design and manufacturing of an early kine of all-mechanical, electric drive, toggle injection molding machine with DeMattia Machine & Tool Co.
  • Following World War II, as chief engineer for DeMattia, developed the program to design and manufacture hydraulic injection molding machines, packaged with models and auxiliary equipment, including the first small mold chiller and early scrap granulators.
  • At Mastro Industries, designed special marbleizing cylinders for plunger-type molding machines to create wood grain molded parts.
  • Promoted HDPE markets and advanced process development for W.R. Grace, later Allied Chemical, particularly in injection molding, even Molding HDPE bowls in Macy’s Basement in the 1950’s.
  • Advanced the blow molding process for HDPE, including on-site molding for dairy bottles and double-walled packaging.
  • An executive director for the Plastics Institute of America, shifted program emphasis from polymer science to process development, focusing on instructors from industry.

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